DelDOT Update for Monday Night

Snow and slush still on some roads in Delaware DelDOT crews plan to work through the night


As the evening commute approaches, drivers should know that while the primary roads are clear of snow and slush, there still may be slick spots on back roads in the state.

Crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation have been working all day pushing snow and applying salt, some of whom began working at 3 a.m. today. About 400 people were working on the roads all day today.

A reduced number of crews will work tonight and through the night, clearing secondary roads, while also monitoring conditions. If conditions take a turn for the worse, additional crews can be brought in at a moment’s notice.

Tomorrow morning, drivers should allow for extra time to get to work, as some roads may freeze overnight. Bridges, overpasses and heavily wooded areas are often the first to freeze.