DEMA morning update


First DEMA shift in and setting up for the day. Jon Schladen and I are on-site staff for the Joint Information Team at the State Emergency Operations Center today; all others are working off site, but continuing to coordinate and contribute to joint press releases regarding winter storm.

The 5 a.m. call with the National Weather Service provided much the same information as calls yesterday, Feb. 24. Snow accumulation predictions are slightly down; however, that could change as the storm progresses through the day. Relevant information:

·Accumulation forecast

New Castle County – 5-8 inches

Kent County – 4-6 inches

Sussex County – 4 inches

·Some rain continues to fall throughout the state, but becoming a snow mix in most areas and turning to all snow later in the morning

·Snowfall is expected to come in waves of heavy and light throughout the day and overnight

·Snow showers may continue into Friday

·This snow will be “sloppy and heavy” causing more risk to trees, power lines and roofs

·Winds increasing overnight Thursday can contribute to breaking limbs, pulling trees over and bringing down power lines that are laden with snow

·Road surfaces are still relatively warm, remaining above freezing at this time in most areas; however, as temperatures drop, accumulation on roads will be a significant safety factor. Those who must travel need to use extreme caution.

The rule of the day is to monitor road conditions and avoid unnecessary travel. Even if roads are not snow covered, pavement wet with the rain-snow mix will be slick. Slow down and give yourself extra time to reach your destination and allow plenty of space between your vehicle and others. Everyone can do their part in keeping Delawareans safe through yet another snow event!