Democrats Rally in Sussex County


On March 16th at the CHEER center in Georgetown, the Sussex County Democratic Party held a star-studded event welcoming many elected officials, party leaders and local organizers. Mitch Crane, the newly elected chair of the Sussex Dems was exuberant in his view of the future for the Democratic Party in Sussex County. “We’re ready to elect more Democrats to local office”, he said.

Crane was not alone in his enthusiasm for the future of the Democratic Party in Sussex County.

Jane Hovington, vice-chair of the Sussex Dems agreed. “We are organizing now for the next few years and will not stop until we have elected some more great Democrats to local office”. Hovington continued that “tonight is just the beginning.

Look at this crowd. It’s full of people of all ages, philosophies, and genders– from all over Sussex County who are committed to helping grow the democratic party.”

Senator Chris Coons, who was the keynote speaker, promised to dedicate his time and effort to leading the Sussex democrats to victory in 2014 and beyond.

An auction filled with political and local memorabilia brought the house down, as Senator Coons, acting as the auctioneer, delighted the crowd and kept them laughing and bidding higher and higher.