Discovery en Espanol’s Deportados Showcases the Human Side of the Immigration Dilemma

With Exclusive Access to the South Texas Detention Center, This Documentary Captures the Real Life Stories of Illegal Immigrants Awaiting Deportation


MIAMI, May 4-As thousands of people await a decision on immigration reform, Discovery en Espanol took its cameras inside the largest detention site in the United States to capture the personal stories of immigrants who are about to be expelled from the country. Deportados premieres Sunday, May 23rd at 9 PM E/P.

With 11 million illegals and counting, the U.S. is in the throes of a major national dilemma. Its 255 nationwide detention centers, which house and can process approximately 30,000 detainees, serve as a clear indicator of a systemic problem that is simply not going away.

After acquiring permission for exclusive access, Discovery en Espanol’s production team traveled inside the South Texas detention center for a rare snapshot of the system at work, including the step by step process followed from detention to expulsion. This one hour special also documents migratory raids by ICE personnel with Discovery en Espanol’s cameras embedded deep in the action, as well as the daily work of the border patrol and immigration agents.

“The stories of detainees, their family drama and what that implies in their lives are the key to this documentary. Via firsthand accounts by immigrants awaiting deportation, their families and immigration officials, viewers are offered a penetrating look into a timely issue and to the differing points of view associated with it,” said Michela Giorelli, Vice President of Production and Development for Discovery en Espanol.

Deportados is an original production by Discovery en Espanol under the direction of Michela Giorelli and Irune Ariztoy, with the assistance of Pacha Films, under the direction of Guillermo Galdos and Luis del Valle.