DNC commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month


Washington, D.C.—DNC Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts today, September 15:

“Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to reflect on the vital role Hispanics play in our country. With a long history of service, Hispanics are an important part of America’s armed forces, economy, and local, state, and national governments. President Obama has recognized the importance of Hispanics in our national dialogue and nominated more Hispanics to serve in high office than ever before.

“Hispanics voted in overwhelming numbers to elect President Obama last November and, as a result, we have seen transformative change on issues important to Hispanics and our nation as a whole, like the expansion of children’s health insurance, equal pay for equal work, bringing our economy back from the brink, and the appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

“This month is also a reminder that there is much more to accomplish. President Obama is working for health insurance reform that will provide more security and stability to people who have health insurance and will provide insurance to those who don’t. For Hispanics, insurance reform is crucial: One out of three Hispanics under 65 is uninsured, and many more lack adequate coverage.

“As we look at the work ahead of us, I know that Hispanics will play an active role in bringing about important and positive changes throughout America. I thank them for their significant contributions to our country and to advancing the American dream.”