DNREC Reminds Delaware Pet Owners: License your dog by March 1st


DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife urges Delaware dog owners to license their pets by March 1st. Delaware law requires that all dogs six months and older must be licensed, except for Seeing Eye, lead or guide dogs, and all licensing is handled through DNREC except for dogs residing in the City of Wilmington. The fine for an unlicensed dog ranges from $50 to #100 for the first offense.

Licenss can be obtained in person from the Division of Fish and Wildlife licensing desk at DNREC’s main office at 89 Kings Highway, Dover, or from many vetenary clinics, pet shops, sporting goods and department stores throughout the state. For more information, including listing of agents, or to purchase a license on online, please visit @link href=’http://www.fw.delaware.gov/Info/Pages/DogControl.aspx’target=”_blank”>www.fw.delaware.gov/Info/Pages/DogControl.aspx/link.

To encourage spaying and neutering, licenses for sterilzed dogs cost $3 for one year and licenses for unsterlized dogs are $6. Two-year and tree-year licenses are availbale if a rabies certificate is valid for the period. A rabies vaccination certificate including vaccination and experation dates is required to obtain a license. The rabies expiration date must occur after March 1st of the year the dog license expires.
:Purchasing a licenseand attaching it to your dog’s collar is one of the most important things an owner can do to protect their pet, because through the license system, dogs that are lost or separated from their owners can be reunited with them safely and quickly,” said Patrick Emory, Director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Funds from license sales help support the statewide dog control program, for which the Kent County SPCA has held the contract since 2006. Responsibilities for dog control include picking up stray dogs, answering dog complaints, responding to dangerous dog issues and inspecting dog kennals. To report dog control problems, including the location of shelters to receive stray dogs, call the Kent County SPCA at 302-698-3006 or 888-352-7722 toll-free.

Wilmington residents shpuld contact the Delaware SPCA at Stanton by calling 302-998-2281 or the Delaware Humane Association at 302-571-0111 for information on licensing their dogs.

To report information on dog bite or possible rabies exposure, call the Rabies Control 24-hour Hotline at 302-744-4545.

For more information on DNREC’s dog licensing program contact Lynn Herman, Delaware Dog Control Program at 302-739-9911.