Eight New Live Traffic Cameras Will Be Operational By Fall

Two More Complete By End of Year


Statewide – The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces that eight new live traffic cameras will be added to the statewide traffic monitoring system by the end of September. These cameras provide real-time video information to the public at www.deldot.gov. The contractor Byers Electric Construction LLC of Wilmington will complete installations in the following locations (listed from north to south):

Route 1 and Route 72/Wrangle Hill Road south of Red Lion;

Route 896 and Route 71/Red Lion Road near Lums Pond;

Route 896 and Route 286/Bethel Church Road south of Lums Pond;

Route 1 and Route 299/Middletown Odessa Road in Middletown;

Route 1 Exit 104/Scarborough Road in north Dover;

Route 1/South Bay Road Exit 97/Puncheon Run Connector in Dover;

Route 1 and Bowers Beach Road in Frederica;

Route 13 and Herring Run Road in Seaford.

The Route 13 and Herring Run Road camera is required to be installed by the developer, Lowe’s home improvement store. All of the Route 1 cameras are installed using funds from the DelTrac program, which is DelDOT’s integrated transportation management system. The estimated cost for the five cameras on Route 1 and two cameras on Route 896 is $626,000.

As part of the planned statewide expansion of DelTrac, DelDOT is installing a total of 10 of these live traffic cameras also known as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Cameras will also be added at Route 141 and Route 34/Faulkand Road west of Elsmere and I-95, just north of the I-495 split south of Newport. These proposed cameras are being installed as part of DelDOT road improvement projects, and are expected to be installed and made operational by the end of this year.

DelDOT staff at the Transportation Management Center (TMC) monitor approximately 100 cameras 24 hours per day, seven days per week to control traffic flow, adjust signal timings, and handle emergencies. The traffic cameras are particularly useful when traffic is congested and to police and fire communication centers when managing incidents and events that impact the transportation network. The cameras are automated to “scan” programmed views or can be manually controlled by TMC staff.

For the latest in traffic and related information, visit @link href=’http://www.deldot.gov’target=”_blank”>www.deldot.gov/link or tune to WTMC-AM 1380.