Electronic Voter Registration System Launched

A Partnership of Agencies…Saving Money and Furthering Green Initiatives


Dover – Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn, along with Department of Elections (Elections) Commissioner Elaine Manlove, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Director Jennifer Cohan, and Department of Technology (DTI) Chief Information Officer Jim Sills, celebrated the launching of the new Electronic Voter Registration System today.

“This projects makes government more effective and efficient, and it is a great example of how government agencies can work together to improve services to the public,” Governor Jack Markell said.

The goal of the “eSignature” collaboration was to provide Delaware citizens a streamlined method of registering and maintaining voter registration. Through this process citizens can initiate and update their voter registration information at the same time they obtain or make changes to their Delaware driver’s license or identification card. With the newly automated system, data is instantly transmitted to Elections from DMV.

The new system was created through a partnership involving Elections and the DMV, in coordination with DTI. More than ever before, Delaware’s state agencies are answering our residents’ desire to conduct business with government interactively and online.

DMV Director Jennifer Cohan said, “The eSignature project will ensure that information provided from the Division of Motor Vehicles to the Department of Elections is accurate and secure. Because the DMV touches so many lives in Delaware, we are constantly finding ways to address and partner with other agencies in order to further benefit both our customers and the state.”

Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove said, “This project which began simply to ensure that Elections received every application from Motor Vehicles, evolved into a significant money and manpower savings initiative far exceeding those early goals.”

DTI CIO Jim Sills said, “DTI is proud to have partnered with the Elections Department and the Division of Motor Vehicles/DelDOT in this new eGovernment service for Delaware’s citizens. DTI’s “behind the scenes” team members were key contributors to today’s success story, estimated to save state government hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.”

It is estimated that during an election year, over 1,000 printed pages are utilized per day, at each of the four DMV offices in the state. On non-election years, printing averages about 300 pages per day. This savings is in addition to the manpower costs represented.

DTI, in partnership with DelDOT’s Office of Information Technology provided the technical expertise and “back office” support needed to build a framework that supports this variety of computer applications from multiple agencies, while creating a more customer-friendly approach for its users.

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