Newly created Delaware Hispanic Commission: List of members

List of appointed members for the newly created Delaware Hispanic Commission which Sec. Vivian Rapposelli chairs:

Aguilar, Sonia
Aleman, Craig
Calvachi-Mateyko, Rosario
Cohan, Jennifer
Gonzalez, Miquel
Guajardo, Zaida
Heckles, Matthew
Heflin, Robert
Hernandez-Saienni, Mabel
Irizarry, Jose
Martinez, Jissell
Matos, Maria
Merced, Tanisha
Miro, Joseph
Puig, Lourdes
Ramos, Eli
Rapposelli, Vivian
Rodriguez, Brenda
Rose, Steven
Smith, Kevin
Spangler, Sandra
Torrijos, Javier, II
Uhthoff, Steven
Velez, Esteban

Delaware Hispanic Commission was created recently by Governor Jack Markell (Executive Order 28). The previous Hispanic governor's advisory group, GACHA (Governor's Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs), was dissolved.

Follow this link to read Executive Order 28:
Governor's Office

Acerca del Autor

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