Executive Order No.14 increasing supplier diversity initiatives in State Government


–The State is committed to assuring that all practices in all areas of State procurement provide suppliers equal access to procurement opportunities.”

Among the provisions of EO#14 is the requirement that each Department within the Executive Branch designate a Minority and Women Business Enterprise Liaison, who shall have direct access to the Secretary (or similar cabinet-level official) concerning minority and/or women business enterprise program matters.

Director Fullman served as the Liaison for the Department of State at the DE Small Business Summit held in April. Deputy Secretary of State James Collins will be the Primary Liaison for the department.

The purpose of Executive Order #14 is to increase supplier diversity initiatives within state government. Currently, within the Department of State the percentage of expenditures with Women-Owned Businesses (WBE) is 1.53% and with Minority-Owned Business (MBE) .54%.