Free diagnostic test helps students prepare for SAT


Salisbury, MD – Sylvan Learning Center offers an SAT diagnostic test at no cost and will provide students with scores that analyze their performance in writing, critical reading and math.

Diagnostic test format and content mirror the actual test. Students who take the diagnostic test gain experience with the same types of questions they will find on the real test. They also practice the all-important SAT essay.

“Any college-bound student can benefit from a diagnostic test,” said Becky Grinath, executive director of Sylvan Learning Center. “It enables students to identify their specific strengths and challenges.”

Sylvan scores the test by section and subject to pinpoint questions students answered correctly and provide answers to the ones they missed. Knowing how well they performed in each category tells students what subject areas they need to review. Students can keep the testing booklet, too. It makes a great study tool.

The SAT tests knowledge, reasoning and critical thinking as well as endurance and confidence. It helps to practice pacing through a lengthy test of 3 hours, 45 minutes.

“The test also covers knowledge accumulated throughout middle and high school,” said Grinath.

Diagnostic test results can produce a prescription for improvement. Students may wish to consider a prep class that reviews material likely to appear on the SAT test.

Sylvan Learning Center offers the free diagnostic test most Saturday mornings and weekdays including school holidays. Call 410-341-4100 to schedule a testing time.