Georgetown Police Department say to be cautious when shopping this holiday season


The Georgetown Police Department would like to remind people that the upcoming holiday season is upon us. When shopping at local retail venues, secure purses and wallets on your person. Do not leave these articles lying in a shopping cart, for they become an easy target for theft by the criminal element. If you must leave your purse in a shopping cart unattended, try to secure it by the child straps commonly provided in the cart. Do not leave your purse unzipped and open. If you notice your purse or wallet missing, immediately contact your local police. It is also suggested that if you fall prey to a theft of your purse or wallet, contact any credit card companies to cancel the card and your bank to report the theft of any checks. Keep your eye open for any people acting strange around your cart. If you feel uneasy, contact a store clerk for assistance and have them contact the police for you.

One other tip; if you have packages that you have purchased, secure them in the trunk of your vehicle or out of view. This will be a hindrance to subjects that may attempt to break into your vehicle to steal the packages.

The Georgetown Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday shopping season.