GOP reaction to The News Journal editorial


Newark, DE – The Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party, Charlie Copeland, released the following statement this afternoon after reading today’s News Journal editorial “Wilmington, our broken city, must be saved”:
“The News Journal has hit the nail on the head, and I commend them for their editorial this morning. I was particularly struck by the line, ‘We must work to improve access to high-quality education in the city. We must work to ensure our young people have employment opportunities and the resources to succeed. We must stem the tide of guns flowing onto our streets’.
“Republicans have not held a significant seat at the table in the City of Wilmington in over 40 years, and we have not controlled the Governor’s Office in 24 years. This has left the City in the hands of one party control, and the results of that have been devastating. Our Party is well aware of this fact, and we have begun to reengage in the City to offer residents a real choice when they go to the ballot box.
“Republicans feel strongly that our party has real solutions to the very real problems that face the City of Wilmington. We are prepared to meet with the Mayor, and others who have an interest in saving Wilmington, to work in a bi-partisan way to make things better.
“The time for summits, rallies, and press conferences is over. The time for focusing on the protection of personal political power over serving the residents of Wilmington is over. The time for avoiding meaningful, and difficult, decisions is over. It’s time to #fixwilmington.
The Republican Party stands ready to do its part.”