Gov. Markell speaks at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

"The 3 or 4 jobs generated by a small business can add up in a state the size of Delaware"


Georgetown, DE – “As the global economy is going green, there will be winners and losers. Delaware companies need to position themselves to be winners,” said Gov. Jack Markell at a lunch meeting hosted by the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, August 26, at the CHEER facility east of the Sussex County capital.

Gov. Markell outlined three components of his green initiatives towards economic development: (1) To incentive conservation; (2) To use renewal energy; and, (3) To position Delaware companies into the global green energy movement.

“Delaware companies want to be in places where there are opportunities in the global economy,” said Gov. Markell. He cited several samples of small businesses throughout the state that are providing green solutions to compete both a the national and international leveles.

Making the state more accountanble and learning to spend less made second on Gov. Markell’s priority list.

Gov. Markell asked for everyone’s help in identifying potential savings for Delaware taxpayers.

Finally, Delaware won’t make long term progress and have a great economy without good schools. Gov. Markell discussed several initiatives to improve the overall quality of education.