Governor’s Statement on Weather Conditions

State of Delaware Offices Closed Today


(Wilmington) – State of Delaware offices are closed today (Friday, January 3) during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Non-essential employees have been asked not to report to work for this period. Essential employees have been asked to report as scheduled.

The Governor’s Office released this statement from Governor Markell on weather conditions:

“It appears that the worst of this snow storm is behind us, but cold weather and freezing conditions will remain throughout the day,” said Governor Markell.

“DelDOT crews are actively working to clear primary roads. We strongly encourage drivers who do not need to travel to delay or refrain from going on the roads to give DelDOT plows time and ability to work. If you don’t need to be driving, stay home until roads are cleared,” he said.

“State offices will be closed today because of road conditions and because it does not appear that state facilities will be safe for employees and the public until some point late today, if then. Other employers should evaluate for themselves whether and when their facilities will be safe and the status of road conditions in their vicinity,” Markell said.