Governor’s Weekly Message – Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you and welcome home


(Dover, DE) In his weekly message for this Memorial Day weekend, Governor Jack Markell focused on thanking those who serve our country.

“Year after year, stretching back throughout our nation’s history, so many brave Delawareans put their lives on the line to fight and sometimes die for our freedom,” said Governor Markell. “The liberty we enjoy today was won with their blood, earned with their sacrifice, delivered through their courage. We cannot honor them enough.”

“As Governor, I’m also blessed to be the Commander in Chief of the Delaware National Guard – a group of inspiring Delawareans who’ve answered the call to service and, each day, write a new chapter in our state’s long legacy of service. Many of those brave Delawareans won’t be home this Memorial Day weekend to relax and unwind with their families because they’re stationed in military bases around the world, having answered the call to service. But those who aren’t currently mobilized abroad still serve their state each month with pride. They’re ready and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They serve families of men and women who’ve been mobilized abroad and in so many other ways bring attention and honor to our flag.”

“They prepare – and train – to be ready for when the call comes to leave their family and serve,” said the Governor. “We are so proud of that service. This Memorial Day weekend, let’s make sure we take time to look with reverence upon the past with gratitude for service rendered now and with hope for the future as we stay focused together on keeping Delaware, and our great nation moving forward.”

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