Highlights of the 149th General Assembly

Just four legislative days remaining


With four legislative days remaining, legislators are humming along at full speed. Here are some highlights from last week as they head into the final days of the 149th General Assembly.

Sens. Poore and Townsend joined Gov. Carney for the signing of the country’s first child marriage ban.

Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride met with a delegation from Taiwan, one of our sister-states.

HB 3 – Paid Family Leave

Legislator are incredibly proud to announce that they passed House Bill 3 this week – legislation sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Nicole Poore that will offer 12 weeks of paid family leave to state employees.

Top employers like JP Morgan and Capital One offer paid parental leave and it’s clear that the State needs to do the same to recruit and retain talented employees. But this issue is more than an HR policy; it’s about the health of children, mothers, and fathers – all of whom benefit when paid family leave is available to new parents.

Passing this bill was the right thing to do and will result in happier, healthier Delaware families. Legislators couldn’t be prouder to take this step together.