Hispanics Organize and Cast Decisive Vote in Nevada


LAS VEGAS (November 2) — Tonight, the Nevada election returns showed that Hispanics demonstrated the power of organization and cast the decisive vote. Over the last fifteen months, The Hispanic Institute [THI] has conducted a voter education campaign in an effort to increase Hispanic participation in the 2010 Nevada elections. Armed with information and supported by their fellow Nevadans these voters stood strong and exercise their rights despite ad campaigns advising that they stay at home.

In a campaign that targeted Hispanic households and neighborhoods, THIs universe was 38,362 registered voters. THI registered 10,000 of these voters. As of closing of early voting this past Friday, 9,452 — or 24.6 percent — of THIs universe had voted.

THIs efforts included getting registrants to sign a pledge card promising to vote then following up by mailing the pledge cards back to registrants as a reminder. Through canvassing, THI was able to ascertain where the new and formerly registered voters were not casting their ballots and moved swiftly to provide information about early voting, vote by mail procedures, and Election Day voting. Through phone banks and email, THI then contacted Hispanic voters to follow up and offer assistance with transportation and information about voting locations.

“This election cycle demonstrates that Hispanics are very concerned about the issues that affect their welfare and this country”, stated THI Board Secretary, Rick Hernandez.

THI now plans to launch a five-state battleground campaign to increase the Hispanic participation in the decisive 2012 Election. The plan will be organized using the blue print of the 2010 THI Nevada program.

“The five states targeted — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico — represent areas where an increase in the Hispanic vote can determine the outcome of the election in that state and therefore the nation,” said THI Board Secretary, Rick Hernandez.

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