Hoy en Delaware Interviews Eric Doroshow

A good lawyer and a good man for the best state


CV’s Mr. Eric Doroshow is very impressive.

He is graduated on Albright College (cum laude with honors), and in Marshall Law School, 1971 as Juris Doctor (Member of Law Review).

He is specialized in Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Bankruptcy.

Bar Admissions: Delaware, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia.

His Professional Affiliations: Delaware State Bar Association (DSBA), Delaware Trial Lawyers Association (DTLA) and American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA).

Some years ago he was President of Delaware Trial Lawyers Association (1994-1995).

Since 1983 he is Host of weekly cable television show DE LAW and he is Former Parlamentarian of the State Democratic Committee, Former Parlamentarian of the New Castle County Democratic Committee.

In 2008 he was listed in Best Lawyers in America (Consumer Bankruptcy).

Voted one of Delaware’s Top Lawyers for Consumer Bankruptcy in Delaware Today magazine (October, 2001).

Since 1978, the Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya have been dedicated to providing affordable legal services to the community.

From its inception as a small, two-attorney office in Wilmington, Delaware, the firm has grown into a full service law firm with 20 attorneys practicing in 7 suburban locations throughout Delaware.

Their offices are conveniently located in Elsmere, Bear, Dover, Millsboro, Milford and Seaford.

Mr. Doroshow answered to Hoy’s questions. This is the interview we made him.

HOY EN DELAWARE: Mr. Doroshow, you are one of the partners of a very famous Delaware firm, Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya. Please could you tell to Hoy’s readers how many years have you worked as attorney at law? In which year do you create Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya?

ERIC DOROSHOW: Our Firm opened in March of 1978 by me and one secretary. Since then we became of the fastest growing law firms in the state w/ offices in all 3 counties.

(HD): Which are your speciality as attorney at law?

(ED): Representing the consumer hurt in auto and work accidents.

(HD): Are there Hispanic people among your clients?

(ED): Yes many.

(HD): For which kind of problems does the hispanic community ask your legal aid?

(ED):Many of my hispanic clients need help in gettingg their benefits paid by auto and workers comp. insurance.

(HD): You speak the Spanish language, where did you learn it?

(ED): My wife is Cuban and we speak it at home and when we travel.

(HD): Is usual that people from hispanic community go to the lawyers asking help?

(ED): Hispanic clients once I gain their trust, will seek legal service.

(HD): What kind of things they need to know to obtain legal aid?

(ED): We offer a free initial consultation so we can answer their legal questions.

(HD): I was lawyer specialized in Family Law in my country -Spain- for many years. It was very hard for me to see the problems of people especially the problems of children. Do you think is hard being lawyer in the United States?

(ED): It is very challenging but very rewarding.

(HD): Do you enjoy with your activity?

(ED): I do enjoy being a Lawyer

(HD): Do you think a lawyer is lawyer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

(ED): Sometimes I have to stop myself from using lawyer language when speaking to family and friends.

(HD): Are there any other members of your family in relation with the world of law?

(ED): My wife Aida Waserstein is a Family Court Judge in Wilmington. (She is Cuban)

(HD): How many offices have your firm? All of them are in Delaware?

(ED): 8 Office in Delaware only

(HD): What do you think about the fact that the new President of ABA (Mr. Zacks) is a Hispanic lawyer? Do you think is important for the hispanic community?

(ED): Yes, It is a very good thing for Hispanics.

(HD): What would you tell to young people who become to be an attorney at law?

(ED): It is worth the hard work to become a lawyer. You get to help people everyday.

(HD): How many years must study someone who becomes a lawyer?

(ED): 4 Years of College, 3

(HD): Is the American Legal System very different to others for example, Spanish Legal System?

(ED): Yes, very different according to my clients

(HD): Do you think is important for a lawyer study day by day during all your career?

(ED):Yes lawyers must take CLE in Delaware

(HD): What can someone who hasn’t money do if she/he need legal aid?

(ED): We can discuss their legal problems for free. If it is a personal injury or work accident, our fee comes out of what we can collect for the client. If it is a case that we can’t handle we will find another lawyer from another firm that can.

(HD): Do you want to add anything else?

(ED): Thank you for the opportunity to talk about our firm. We have Bi-lingual staff statewide that work with the Hispanic community to help them.

People belong to your firm told me that you are a really good person who help to others, especially the hispanic community. They are proud of you, and I would like to give you my congratulations.

Thank you very much Mr. Doroshow.