Hoy en Delaware interviews Ruth Briggs King

Ruth Briggs King, Republican Candidate for the Special Election on Sept. 12


Special elections for the 37th district are more than anyone can think: If the Democrats win this race, they would have the necessary majorities in both chambers, along with the governor.

Ruth Briggs is the Republican candidate to Joe Booth’s seat.

Ruth has background of civic involvement.

Ruth Briggs is the Georgetown farmer’s daughter.

She is a former public school teacher, who also specialized in Human Resources. She supports bringing jobs to Sussex County.

Nowadays she is the executive vicepresident of the SC Association of Realtors.

Ruth Briggs King, 53, two children out of home, worked on Both’s senatorial campaign. King is running on the Republican’s anti tax message. She will not raise taxes, and she is wary of increasing the size of government.

Ruth, thinks that local residents -not state bureacrats- should be able to determine their own growth. Other topic is to reach a better-coordinated state county-town relationship is necessary.

In the first debat with her opponent, Briggs said that there is too much bureacracy in education. She wants avoid the redundant costs in education. How? Using joint-purchasing agreements in the school districts.

Unfortunately Ruth couldn’t stay at Festival Hispano as consequence of an accident.

Hoy en Delaware interviewed Ruth Briggs King. These are her answers:

HOY EN DELAWARE: If you are elected on Saturday where and how will Sussex County grow?

RUTH BRIGGS: I believe Sussex County will continue to grow in all areas. During the past few weeks I have met many people who own homes and plan to retire to the area in the near future. As we grow business and tourism we will see job growth as well as population growth. We will continue to grow opportunities for start up and small businesses that will support our local economy. So, we will grow in population, in job opportunities, and in services that are offered in Sussex.

HD: You propose “to get back to the basics”. What is the meaning of these words?

RB: Getting back to the basics means to focus on the basics of good government. Creating a climate that welcomes and supports local businesses, ensuring the State is responsible to the citizens and taxpayers by spending less not taxing more and by developing and ensuring that we make decisions in line with our State Constitution. We should reduce our spending, not increase our debt or taxes. We should ensure our budget process and our governing process is open to the citizens. These are the basics upon which our Country and our State was founded. Good government is responsive and responsible to its’ citizens.

HD: The state of Delaware are facing many issues which will impact our future. One of them is implementing jobs. What iniciatives do you propone to encourage new businesses to locate in our area?

RB: Before we attract new business, we must focus on creating the support for our current businesses. It takes more time, effort, and money to create new business than to support and help businesses grow. We need a broad vision and a plan using our known resources to identify business opportunities. By creating a climate that will help identify business locations, identify financial resources, and avoid increased fees and taxes we can help business. By avoiding new taxes, more taxes as well as fees, we can let business and our taxpayers stimulate the economy.

HD: Last August 5, Alan Levin, Director of Delaware Economic Development Office said in a Chamber’s Commerce of Georgetown meeting that “we can’t wait for the government to solve our problems”,”We have to put America to work”. What’s your opinion about that?

RB: I agree with Mr. Levin’s statement. It is about personal responsibility and using our gifts and talents to develop programs or businesses that meet needs in our area. It takes too long for government programs to bring relief. Sussex County just had the first property settlement with the Bush Stimulus money. It was almost 10 months! It will be that long before we see any local benefit from the Obama stimulus plan.

HD: You propose to balance the budget by reducing government spending. Levin said exactly the same. Aren’t so far Democrats and Republicans?

RB: This year the Democrats had the time and lead role in reducing Delaware’s spending. The Budget, which must be balanced before the end of session, was a ‘wide brush’ rather than a fine tooth comb to reduce Delaware’s spending. State employees need to play a role in reducing the cost since they have first hand knowledge of the job. We need to change the process for budgeting, for bidding, and we need to eliminate the prevailing wage tax that have created a significant financial burden for the State on construction projects.

In order to reduce spending, we need a close examination of not just where we spend the money, but how we spend the taxpayer money.

HD: Is this an special election for the state representative of the 37th district or is the election to avoid the absolute 3/5th’s majority of the Democrats?

RB: First and foremost, this special election is to fill a vacancy in the House of Representatives for the 37th District. This race is significant for the 37th and for the State since the results of the race will have impact for the “super majority” control in the House. Debate, discussion, compromise are essential to the governing process. Our Founding Fathers and our governing documents seek to avoid control by one. The Governor, the Senate, and the House are under Democrat control. A 3/5 majority would mean the Democrats could raise taxes without one single vote from the Republican party.

HD: What can do Ruth Briggs for the Hispanic Community and what can do the Hispanic Community for Ruth?

RB: Ruth Briggs King has been active in the Latino community for several years. I have worked on a bilingual task force to increase education and training for Latinos to work in the banking/finance sector. I have worked to provide continuing education and Spanish courses/programs for local Realtors as well as served on the Interfaith Mission of Sussex County to address housing concerns for Latinos working in the area. I have volunteered with La Esperanza and work with two other agencies including NCALL and First State Community Action Agency to identify needs as well as solutions for Latinos. For me, it would be a continuation of my efforts. Latinos could provide me with information and concerns that would improve our community the same as others.

HD: Why do you think you would be better state representative than your opponent?

RB: I believe my diverse background and experience qualify me better than my opponent to speak on issues with knowledge and understanding. I have been fortunate to work in education, health care, finance, housing, and human resources. This vast experience in the major areas that impact our community provides our community with a leader who is ready, who is adaptable, and who has a record of addressing key concerns. Additionally, I have established networks of friends and agencies through volunteering to have a deep understanding the concerns and needs in our area. For years, I have been apart of the solutions to address many concerns. It would take this experience, this passion, and this knowledge to work for our citizens. I am committed to hard work and constituent service.