Hoy en Delaware readers answer questions about Census 2010

Today: Carmen Cruz


Carmen Cruz is a reader of Hoy en Delaware. She is a member of the Hispanic Community who wants to support and participate with her answers in Census campaign as the famous people that answer in our newspaper to our questions.

Carmen is not a famous person. She is not a leader of the Community. She never was in a TV or radio program neither was the portrait of a newspaper or magazine. She is an anonymous member of the Hispanic Community who likes to read. She believes in Census. For that reason, she heard the Census specialists and these are her conclusions and thoughts about Census.

HOY EN DELAWARE: What do you know about the Census?

CARMEN CRUZ: The Census is the only CIVIC duty in the Nation that all persons can participate in. Sometimes if you have a criminal record you may not be able to vote. If you are undocumented you can’t serve on jury duty, but in the Census, everyone counts, including the groups just mentioned!

(H.D.) Why did you decide to collaborate with the Census?

(C.C.) The Census is important to me because I want to pave the road for my newborn grandchildren, and I need to be sure our State receives its fair share of funding for schools, services, roads, health systems, and employment.

(H.D.) Why do you think it’s important to Hispanics?

(C.C.) Because according to Census 2000 we are the largest minority group, and now you find that because of these statistics, many organizations and companies are making great efforts in providing services and products to my community. So can you imagine the positive impact we could have on this nation if we counted all Hispanics?

(H.D.): Give recommendations about what to do with the Census forms.

(C.C.) People who don’t send their Census forms back to the Census by April 1st may be visited by a Census Employee to help them fill out their forms. However, a lot of people are scared in this area because of the recent immigration raids, and may be afraid that if they open their doors to a Census employee, it may not actually be a Census employee. My suggestion is “fill out your Census form accurately and completely so that a Census employee doesn’t have to come knocking on your door” and if you don’t know how to fill it out, as soon as you get your form, go to the agencies offering help, like La Esperanza, or local churches that may be able to help you fill out your form. But send it by April 1st!

(H.D.) Do you want to add anything else about the Census?

(C.C.) Yes, if you notice the Latino power behind recent elections, and see what an impact we had on the Obama Election, you can see how Hispanics in the United States can make a big difference when well informed, and when we participate. Don’t be afraid! Count now!

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