IDT introduces Pennytalk® mobile app for iPhone® users to save big on international calls

Free App offers low rates, easy dialing and free trial for up to 50 minutes of International calling


Newark, NJ – IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT, IDT.C) today announced that its popular PennyTalk ( international calling service is now available in the iTunes® Store as a free, downloadable iPhone® application.

The PennyTalk Mobile app is ideal for iPhone users who want to make low-cost calls overseas without sacrificing voice quality or reliable connections.

International calling rates with PennyTalk are just 2¢ a minute to many countries, including Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and many more.

Customers who download the PennyTalk Mobile app will get a free trial with up to 50 minutes of free international calls ($1 value). No purchase is necessary to participate in the free trial. Customers who sign up for PennyTalk Mobile after their free trial can conveniently use the PennyTalk service to save on international calls from any phone – iPhone or landline. PennyTalk Mobile, like PennyTalk, requires no contracts or commitments.

The service is easy to activate and easy to use. PennyTalk Mobile offers convenient dialing with no lengthy calling card access numbers required to initiate a call. The app allows users to look up and dial a number from their iPhone contacts.

“The PennyTalk Mobile app is not dependent on a Wi-Fi network like Skype Out. The voice quality is clear and connectivity over the cell network is stable. Calls can be made anywhere there is a cell signal. Customers can expect fewer dropped calls and clearer connections than they might experience with VoIP services,” said Liore Alroy, CEO of IDT Telecom. “At 2¢ a minute for international calls to many locations, iPhone users are able to save time and money on overseas calls to family, friends and business associates with the new app.”

To illustrate the dramatic savings offered by PennyTalk Mobile versus AT&T Wireless’ standard non-plan rates, the following comparison is provided: A 20-minute call with PennyTalk Mobile to a landline in the U.K. is just 40¢. The same call with AT&T Wireless would cost about $29. That’s over a 90% savings with PennyTalk Mobile.

Current PennyTalk customers can download the app and continue to use their PennyTalk balance. No separate account is required. As with PennyTalk, PennyTalk Mobile comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

iPhone users interested in downloading the PennyTalk Mobile iPhone app can find it at the iTunes Store by searching for PennyTalk.