Indian River Inlet Bridge roadway approach contract awarded


Dover, DE – The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has announced that Dover-based contractor George & Lynch, Inc. has been awarded the Roadway Approach and Bridge Demolition Contract for the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

Dennis Dinger, President of George & Lynch noted, “George & Lynch is pleased to be the low bidder for the final stages of construction of the new Indian River Inlet Bridge. It is rewarding for our company to be in a position to provide jobs for our local employees during the coming construction season. It is also interesting to note that George & Lynch provided construction services to open the original inlet in the 1930’s, so it seems fitting that we finish up this new bridge project for our state. We look forward to getting started!”

George & Lynch was recently awarded the $11,625,940 project which will build the roadway approaches for the new Indian River Inlet Bridge and demolish the existing Indian River Inlet Bridge. This work will occur in three phases as outlined below:

Phase I

* The work will occur March-May 2011, with a new traffic pattern in place by Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

* The contractor will perform median work between the Route 1 northbound and southbound lanes as they construct temporary crossovers to establish a new traffic pattern to allow for construction of the roadway approaches.

* The new traffic pattern will place Route 1 northbound and southbound traffic (one lane in each direction) on the existing northbound lanes of Route 1.

* The Route 1 southbound lanes will be used exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists during construction. Directional signage and message boards will be posted accordingly.

* The current speed limit of 35 mph throughout work zone will remain in effect.

Phase II

* Phase II is expected to begin by Memorial Day 2011 and continue into December 2011.

* Construction of the new Route 1 north and south bridge approaches will be done using a lightweight concrete fill that weighs less than traditional soil embankment material. The amount of fill needed for this area was also reduced because the design of the new bridge incorporated traditional bridge approach spans which take the place of soil embankments.

* These approaches will ultimately provide a connection from the existing roadway to the new Indian River Inlet Bridge which, weather permitting, will be open to traffic by the end of December 2011.

Phase III

* Phase III of the contract is expected to begin in early 2012.

* For approximately the first six months of 2012, the traffic pattern will continue to be one lane each direction as the contractor completes permanent access roadways to the park under the bridge, restores other local roadway connections and turn lanes.

* Motorists, bicycles and pedestrians will utilize the new bridge and roadway approaches to cross the inlet.

* This phase also includes the demolition of the existing Indian River Inlet Bridge.

* The existing bridge will not be imploded or exploded due to the proximity of marine life and the occupied highway. Concrete portions of bridge will be dismantled using jackhammers and other heavy equipment, and will then be transported and deposited to a reef site. Structural steel from the bridge will be salvaged and recycled by the contractor.

The 740-calendar day project is expected to be completed in mid-2013. At that time, a separate contract will be initiated to allow for improvements to be made within the Delaware Seashore State Park which will beautify and improve the area around the new bridge and approaches. Improvements will include new parking lots, sidewalks, a bathhouse and new and improved campground facilities.

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