Introducing new break out record from newcomer Phillip Thomas

First single hit Texas Music Charts radar in its first two weeks of release.


Nashville, TN-July 14, 2009-“Reminiscent of Rodney Crowell, Phillip Thomas brings a fresh voice to the Texas Music scene backed by a maturity in talent that surpasses his age. We’re excited to follow this young man through his career! Check him out!” Dawn Dale, program director for KFAN radio in Fredericksburg, Texas, is one of several media professionals to recognize the blatant talent of 20 year old Phillip Thomas at the jump start of his career. Producer/manager, Johnny Garcia, was the first sharp-eared music veteran to spy this young new talent back in 2008, and after signing him to his own independent label (Busy At Play Records), began production on Phillip Thomas’s debut release YOU WON’T BE LONELY LONG. Released in May 2009, YOU WON’T BE LONELY LONG is 10 tracks steeped in rich lyrical craft and buoyant tones. The record’s 1st single, “Livin’ Life At The Bottom”, was released on June 15th and is already generating radio spins, indicating a fast track to the top according to the Texas Regional Radio Report and the Texas Music Chart. Radio survey says!

“He did more than just make an impression…he is what we call the real deal.” We see a lot of these guys, but when you meet Phillip Thomas in person he really backs the music up!” –Tommy Mouser/TexasCountryCDReview

“I’ve known Phillip Thomas for a long time now and I think his current single ‘Livin’ Life At The Bottom’ is not only one of the coolest new singles out to radio, it’s also his best track to date, hands down!” -Easton Santos/PD/MD-Badlands FM Corpus Christi

Phillip Thomas was 9 years old when the guitar and drums laid their hooks deep into his music psyche, 18 when he walked out on stage for the first time in his hometown of Harlingen, Texas, and 20 when he was taken under the wing of producer/manager Johnny Garcia, whose work in the country music industry shines as brightly as the stars he has worked with. Johnny’s tenure as band leader, music director and lead guitar player for Trisha Yearwood, and lead guitar player for Garth Brooks, are two prime examples of his contributions. Others include production credits for artists such as Collin Raye and Mindy McCready, and touring gigs with Collin Raye and Joe Nichols. According to Johnny, “Phillip has ‘it’…the gift. He has all the elements: good looks, great personality, stage presence, and the main thing you don’t get a lot anymore…he can sing. I really believe in this one.” Right up to production time on his new record, Phillip Thomas spent 2 years carving out a regular touring path throughout the Rio Grande Valley, which led to an opening spot for the legendary Willie Nelson on South Padre Island last November. After receiving accolades on his performance from the master storyteller himself, any doubt he may have entertained quickly diminished, leaving him feeling blessed by the sage’s hand. Other performance opportunities quickly followed including opening slots for acts such as Mark Chestnut, Johnny Lee and prominent alt-country heavy-hitters, Reckless Kelly. Now with the release of his debut record and the 1st single climbing the rungs of the Texas Music Chart, The Phillip Thomas Band is focused on getting back out on the road.