Issues with Dirty Water…Again


The City of Seaford is experiencing more than the usual amount of dirty water complaints over the last few weeks/months.

Yesterday, the city employees started filling the Spruce Street Water tower and this caused the water to scrub some of the iron buildup off of the water main. This iron is what causes the dirty looking water.

The city of Seaford had a few issues lately which have contributed to the water being like this on multiply occasion. They took this tower off-line to be repainted, Arbutus well pump failed, and a main water main crossing from east to west Seaford broke.

What all of this does is change the direction of the water in the water main and every time the direction changes it causes this dirty water to occur.

The water tower is going back on line and the Arbutus well should be back on-line within a few weeks. The water main will be some months. So, once the Arbutus well is repaired the water will settle in on a direction it wants to go and these dirty water occurrences should subside.