JMC Elementary completes First Latino Family Literacy Project


John M. Clayton Elementary School has completed its first Latino Family Literacy Project with great success.

Teachers from John M. Clayton joined forces with volunteers from the Indian River High School Leo Club and Educators Rising to provide a six-week literacy program for families. Each week, students received homework help and participated in extra-curricular activities while their parents also participated in class. Every lesson focused on bilingual literature that encouraged parents to establish or reinforce a reading routine at home, as well as learn English.

The Latino Family Literacy Project builds a home-school connection and empowers parents to build vocabulary and literacy skills for their children in both English and Spanish. The materials for the program were purchased with support from donors through DonorsChoose, including a large donation from Kim Brasure of Wellness by the Sea. The program was successfully implemented with local support from SoDEL Concepts, Millville Boardwalk Lighthouse Beach Golf, Lord’s Landscaping, One Coastal and supportive teachers throughout the Indian River School District.

John M. Clayton looks forward to hosting this amazing program again next year!

Photo caption: L-R: Caroline Hevner, Elizabeth Espinoza, Oscar Regaldo, Suzanne Brady, Nancy Smith, Margarita Gil, Efrain Ramos and family, Maria Nieto, Alvaro Medina, Khara Bauer, Alonso Nieto, Audelio Sandoval, Severiano Chilel and family, Ilda Sandoval and family, Morgan Gray, Riley Murray, Gloria Matias and family, Logan Snapp, Jonathan Falcone, Tracy Arias-Munguia, Andrew Kelley, Karen Bunting, and Sadis Velásquez and family.