Job Fair targeting young adults on March 14 at Delaware Tech, Stanton Campus

Brandywine Counseling and Delaware Tech will co-host You—Front & Center Job Fair and Empowerment Seminar


Wilmington, DE – A job fair co-hosted by Brandywine Counseling & Community Services and Delaware Technical and Community College will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 14 at the college’s Stanton Campus. The event targets young adults 18-25.

The You—Front & Center Job Fair and Empowerment Seminar will feature local employers, informational sessions and a guest speaker. In addition to meeting and networking with Delaware’s leading organizations and businesses, attendees will have the opportunity to discover skills and talents and set goals.

“At BCCS we understand the power of prevention,” says CEO Lynn Fahey PhD, “and by introducing young adults to the concept of self-empowerment and to career opportunities at the same time, they make the connection that good choices lead to positive outcomes. Everyone respects the idea of a dependable job.”

Along with the opportunity to meet with many local employers who are ready to hire, attendees will be able to identify and understand personal risks that they cannot change, and more importantly, reduce risks that they can change. Young adults will learn to put themselves in a position to succeed in their careers and in their personal lives.

Tony DiVirgilio, a 23-year-old fitness trainer from Wilmington, said he knows firsthand how important it is to stay focused, set goals, and avoid risky behavior.

“Programs like YFC really help young adults like me appreciate that the choices we make have consequences – some of them immediate, some of them long term,” says Tony. “There have been times in my life when I was more interested in having fun than I was in taking care of myself or my future,” he said. “I wasn’t making good decisions and it didn’t take very long before that party lifestyle started catching up with me. My grades dropped. I wasn’t as sharp mentally as I had been. I got out of shape. I quickly learned that I’d have to change things if I wanted to reach the goals that I set for myself.”

Tony added that if he knew at 18 that he was making high-risk choices, he would have avoided some of that behavior. “What’s the point in getting ‘wasted’ I mean, really?”

“Young adults need to understand that behavior that might seem fairly normal, based on what we see on television or at a frat party, can quickly turn dangerous, particularly if there’s a family history of alcohol or drug abuse,” he said. “I have seen it happen to people I care about and it is painful. It’s pretty awesome that organizations like BCCS are encouraging us to think ahead, think about the future, think about preventing bad choices. A mistake you make on a Friday night could change your life forever.”

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For more information on the You—Front & Center Job Fair and Empowerment Seminar, contact BCCS at (302) 656-2348.

About You—Front & Center

You—Front & Center is a program sponsored by Brandywine Counseling & Community Services (BCCS). It is designed to change the attitude of Delawareans regarding alcohol and substance abuse. You—Front & Center will build a network of capable young adults in Delaware who make positive choices about their future. It will help young adults evaluate their goals and create a road map for achieving them. An important component of the You—Front & Center program will be a series of job fair summits where young adults can connect with prominent employers in the region and participate in a free goal-setting workshop.

Job Fair participants include: USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (DC); A.R.T.C University of Delaware (Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification); Bayada Nurses; Department of Justice; Delaware Tech Child Center; Sepax Technologies; USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (MD); Staffmark; Drug Enforcement Administration; Lab Support; Horizon House; J&J Staffing; Jobcorp; Aerotek; UPS; United States Army; Aflac; Senior Helpers; New Castle County Paramedics; Goodwill of Delaware; Delaware Park; Bank of America (Child Development Center); Brandywine Counseling; Synerface; Prudential Financial; CBA Automotive; Discover Financial Services; New Castle County Department of Public Safety; Integrity Staffing; and, Chick Fil A.