Kent county Delaware’s 25 th Amish auction-Saturday, October 17 from 8:30


DOVER, DE – The 25th Amish Auction benefiting the schoolhouse fund will take place Saturday, October 17th on the Ammon Miller Farm at 3312 Yoder Drive, Dover, Delaware.

For the past 18 years, the local Amish community has raised money to keep their schoolhouses in good repair and buy books for Amish students. This year is no exception, Saturday the Ammon Miller farm will be filled with Amish families from the East Coast and English (non-Amish) by the thousands.

As tethered homemade quilts rise above the hopeful bidders the sounds of Dave Wilson’s Auctioneers will silence the on-looking crowd as local Amish coax the onlookers to bid higher. “It’s a great opportunity for quilt collectors and enthusiasts to review and bid on hundreds of styles of quilts,” said Robin Coventry, Director of Public Relations and Special Events for Kent County Tourism. “There are so many quilts it is almost overwhelming.”

Scattered around the farm various auctioneers will chant melodic tunes over farm equipment, Longerberger baskets, woodworking tools, furniture and collectibles, household items, quilts and so much more. “Spending an autumn day in the country amongst the Amish on a working farm is an energizing experience. You can walk through the barns, see the animals and experience the way the Amish live,” said Coventry. “Just remember to respect the Amish, their homes are not open to the public. Also, make sure to use the trash cans on the property to ease the chores of the families involved after the auction is over.”