Kerri Evelyn Harris to Run for Delaware State House in RD 32


Kerri Evelyn Harris, a veteran, community advocate, and mother, has opened a campaign committee to support her run for the Delaware State House in Representative District 32.

“I have decided to run because working families need a champion who understands their needs and will work to address those needs” Harris says. “I am running because the people of the 32nd need someone who will work to pass laws that have a real and positive impact on their lives.”

Harris has a long history of public service, joining the United States Air Force after 9/11, working with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild communities after Hurricane Katrina, helping Delaware’s homeless population, volunteering at the local Red Cross, and coaching her daughter’s soccer team. “My parents were advocates and teachers who nurtured the passion for public service in us. Coming from a diverse, multicultural family has shaped the person I am today and instilled these core values that continue to drive me. I believe in rolling up my sleeves and putting in the work necessary to help uplift my community, state, and nation.”

The Harris campaign plans to center the needs of families and work to strengthen communities, by increasing access to family-sustaining jobs, helping to sustain family farms, stabilizing healthcare costs, and addressing known causes of addiction and crime.

Harris also plans to focus on the needs of active duty and veteran military service members “A piece of my heart goes out to the men and women who wear or have worn the uniform,” she says. “As a loadmaster in the Air Force, I transported troops and equipment from Dover to bases across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. I witnessed the cost of war. I saw soldiers suffering from PTSD who could not make the trip back overseas.”
“Serving in the military was one of the most meaningful times in my life,” she says. “My time in the military reaffirmed the pride I have in the United States of America and the values of freedom, equality, and opportunity that we aspire to but have yet to realize fully.”

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