“Leftish, radical Texas keynote speech?”


Israel-hating Democrat Convention goers outshouted pro-Israeli colleagues, when- out-of-the-blue Platform amendments were offered (At President Obama’s personal request) Wednesday afternoon to amend the official Party Platform.

One reinserted the word GOD that had been dropped from the platform despite presence in past platforms. The other was recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol that traditionally has been in party platforms but was dropped from this one.

Two embarrassments hit the convention this day: One, Israel-hating and God-hating delegates clearly defeated by voice vote the platform amendments to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and to reinsert GOD into the Platform.

There was a far worse embarrassment to the Party and to Convention Chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio (I can’t pass the Bar Exam) Villar – Aigosa as he conducted voice vote number one, which obviously lost. He called for a second voice vote – a yes or no vote and declared a two-thirds affirmative vote was necessary to pass. The no’s were clearly more than a third, probably 50% or more the second time.

Looking like a headlight-blinded tiny deer, Villar – Aigosa stood there frozen, grim-faced, eyes darting around looking for help. This featured Mexican American front man for the Democrat Plantation had no idea what to do with an obvious NO voice vote. It was painful to watch.

He started to say in “the opinion of the Chair,” then, he stopped and said “I guess…”

After a few seconds instructions came through a lady who walked up and told him what to do – probably directly from President Obama. He called for another voice vote with a two-thirds majority required to pass the amendments.

Once again, the No’s carried the vote. Villar – Aigosa looked out over a predominately No crowd and declared that the “Ayes” having two thirds of the votes, “the amendments pass.”

What BS! If it had been any other Democrat this wouldn’t matter much. However, following the convention keynote speech by San Antonio Mexican American Mayor Julian Castro by just hours, Mexican American Villar – Aigosa looked like a fool.

Castro did not look too foolish. He looked like he had never spoken to a large audience. He grinned throughout the entire speech, though, which, by itself, made him look a little foolish but not as foolish as Antonio V.

His speech was so-so. His family’s story saved the speech. His attacks on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were ludicrous. He lied about Romney/Ryan plans. In a word, Julian Castro is full of crap AKA Democrat talking points. Did he save Marco Rubio’s “Bad President?” Did he reflect political introspection Like Governor Susan Martinez did At the GOP convention?

Did he talk about the future? No. Did he talk about saving Medicare? No. Did he talk about raising education quality? No. Did he talk about creating 12 million jobs? No. Did he tell us how the taxpayers have sunk over $20 billion dollars into General Motors which, Obama claims is an Administration achievement? No. Did he tell us how Obama would trim millions of people receiving government welfare/food stamp benefits off of welfare? No. Did he lament that one-in-five Hispanics are out of work or work part-time? No. Did he lament Obama’s broken promise to create Comprehensive Immigration Reform in his first year? No. Did he note that Obama’s health insurance scheme is abhorred by a majority of Americans? No.

His grandmother arrival from Mexico as a child and how she worked all her life; his mother being the family’s first to attend college — appealed to me. To this, I say, however…Isn’t that the story of many who came from Mexico? His grandmother cleaned houses and baby sat. My great-grandmother worked in tuna packing plants on San Diego Bay, while my 17-year-old mother brought to the U.S. a 3 year-old-boy and her 8th grade education and found work despite not speaking a word of English.

Castro’s mother has been generously described as a political activist by a fawning/ friendly media. They and Julian leave out a critical fact of his mother’s political background. She was not a mainstream or even liberal Democrat. Unlike my mother who was a California mainstream-elected-Democrat official for almost three decades, Castro’s mother was a radical leftist revolutionary and that is how she brought up her sons. To a trained ear, it was apparent in his speech.

She was of “La Raza Unida,” the leftist radical “Chicano” political party based in Crystal City, Texas (The Spinach Capitol of the World), that ran candidates for Texas office but won only some local offices. “La Raza” twice ran a gubernatorial candidate who was convicted of drug charges and sent to prison. The party disappeared.

Hispanic men love their mothers despite their politics. I know. We wonder how much of Julian’s politics were influenced by his mother.