Letter sent to State Sen. Bruce Ennis from House Minority Leader Dick Cathcart in response to a statement Sen. Ennis made in a press release issued earlier today.


Sen. Ennis,

In your (8/27) press release stating your position on the allegations of abuse in Delaware’s prison system, you were quoted as saying: “We don’t want this to turn into the same kind of political situation we had with the Delaware Psychiatric Center investigation.”

That statement is unjustified and unfairly impugns the five month investigation of the Delaware Psychiatric Center Investigative Committee.

As you are aware, the Delaware Psychiatric Center Investigative Committee was a bipartisan organization that produced legislation sponsored by members of both parties in the House and Senate. Just this past Monday, Gov. Markell signed three DPC bills into law with three of the sponsors in attendance: two Democrats and one Republican. Included in that group was Sen. Hall-Long, a member of your caucus.

It’s ironic that you included Rep. J.J. Johnson in the press release statement. Rep. Johnson was one of the most out-spoken members on the DPC Investigative Committee regarding the problems at the facility and the need for reform.

Gov. Markell has also been an advocate of making changes at the DPC to protect its vulnerable patients and at Monday’s signing ceremony lauded the cooperative effort that produced the bills.

Your assertion regarding the DPC investigatory process lacks any basis in fact and needlessly maligns the reputation of the Delaware Psychiatric Center Investigative Committee, its bipartisan membership, and non-partisan accomplishments.


State House Minority Leader Dick Cathcart