Lisa Scott’s debut book: “It’s All About Him: How To Identify and Avoid the Narcissistic Male”


Chicago, IL, June 20, 2009 – How many women have been told by mothers and grandmothers that they have to “kiss a lot of frogs to get to the prince?” What they neglect to add is that the prince might be more in love with himself than with the woman he professes to adore. This is why all women should read Lisa Scott’s compassionate and informative new book It’s All About Him: How To Identify and Avoid the Narcissistic Male (Cedar Fort Publishing). Definitely not another ‘girlie’ story but a knowledgeable account based on the author’s first-hand experiences – she says it like it is and shares the tell-tale signs to look for (and run from), with advice on how to cope if you are already involved in such a relationship.

What woman hasn’t been involved at some point with a man who doesn’t understand her, avoids communication, or is basically obsessed with himself and his issues only? He can be charming, fun, and exciting in the beginning but once he knows he has her heart his true colors will eventually emerge and his façade will crack – leaving her in the unenviable position of wondering what happened to that incredible man she fell in love with. Remember, narcissists have two things in common: they depend on a significant other to provide the ego-stroking they crave, and they are addicted to attention. Fear not. Help is on the way!

It’s All About Him is an informative, quick-read that helps women understand what makes these men tick! Given the right tools, women will be better equipped to avoid such involvements in the first place. Visit Lisa’s inspiring message-board on her website at that acts as a support group for women trying to break free from a narcissistic relationship, and check out details of her blog talk radio show at:

A Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Loyola University and working full-time in the role of human resources’ professional gives Lisa an opportunity to observe first-hand human behavior, but it is her own personal experience in falling for two pathological narcissists that gives her credibility as evidenced in her book.


Candace V. Love, PhD Clinical Psychologist: “Lisa Scott absolutely grasps the essence of narcissism…was continually amazed how she was able to take this very complicated psychological construct and distill it down to its fundamental nature-illustrating it in a way that was easy to understand. She provides a practical and hopeful approach for any woman dealing with this type of man.”

Sam Vaknin, PhD, Author of Malignant Self-Love – Narcissism Revisited: “Awareness of the pernicious epidemy of pathological narcissism has been steadily growing over the last decade and resulted in a prodigious and copious output of self-help guides, textbooks, and personal memories…it is difficult to find something akin to Lisa’s work: part textbook, part self-help tome, part personal and painful memoir…only way to effectively defend against a narcissist is to learn from the harrowing experiences of those who fell prey…Lisa has gone to great lengths to acquaint herself with the latest scholarly literature and scrutinize her own encounters with brutal honesty. The result is a compelling narrative…makes for a riveting tour de force of the tortured landscapes of the la-la lands of malignant self-love.”