Litlle League 2009 Senior Softball World Series

(Ages 14-16)

Delaware was hosting the 2009 Senior League Softball World Series in Lower Sussex Little League Complex Pyle Center at Roxana (Delaware), on August 9-15, 2009.

Little League is the world's largest organized youth sports program with nearly 2.7 million baseball and softball players ages 5-18 in the U.S. and scores of other countries. Participants in the Senior League Softball World Series represented 14-16 year old girls from the U.S.East, U.S. West, U.S. South, U.S. Southwest, U.S. Central, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, as well as a team from Delaware District III. Last year was a first for the Senior Softball World Series with the final game televised live on ESPN.
The 2009 SENIOR LEAGUE SOFTBALL WORLD SERIES GAME schedule and the results were:


(1) 5:30 Dist. III vs. East
(2) 5:30 Central vs. LA
(3) 8:00 EMEA vs. South
(4) 8:00 AP vs. Southwest

8/10/09 - Monday
(5) 1:00 South vs. West
(6) 1:00 Cancelled
(7) 3:30 LA vs. EMEA
(8) 3:30 Cancelled
PARTY – 7:00 P.M.

8/11/09 - Tuesday
(9) 5:30 EMEA v. Central
(10)5:30 Cancelled
(11)8:00 West vs. LA
(12)8:00 Southwest v East

8/12/09 - Wednesday
(13)5:30 AP vs. East
(14)5:30 West vs. EMEA
(15)8:00 South vs. Central
(16)8:00 Southwest vs. DistIII

8/13/09 - Thursday
(17)5:30 LA v. South
(18)5:30 Cancelled
(19)8:00 Central vs. West
(20)8:00 Dist III vs. AP

8/14/09 - Friday
(21)3:00 B5 vs. A5
(22)5:30 B1 vs. A2
(23)5:30 A4 vs. B4
(24)8:00 A1vs. B2
(25)8:00 B3 vs. A3

8/15/09 - Saturday
(26)8:30 am Loser Game (22)vs. Loser Game (24) CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 11:00 A.M.
(27) WINNER GAME (24) VS. WINNER GAME (22) POOL A POOL B Asia-Pacific (AP) Central District III EMEA East Latin America (LA) Southwest South West

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