LULAC Denounces the Senate’a Block of the Confirmation of Maria del Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador


Washington, DC – LULAC National President, Margaret Moran, issued the following statement in response to the Senate Republicans’ filibuster which thwarted the confirmation of Ambassador to El Salvador, Maria Del Carmen Aponte.

“Ambassador Aponte has served her country well and the Senate didn’t have any justifiable reason to block her confirmation. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans chose grandstanding, in order to, score points with their base. Senate Republicans were clearly not concerned with Ambassador’s Aponte proven dedication to her country, as well as, the respect and trust she has earned from the people of El Salvador, and from political leaders across the Western Hemisphere.

It’s terribly disappointing to see party politics take precedent over what’s right for the country. On behalf of the largest and oldest Latino civil rights organization, we heard their message loud and clear.”

Ambassador Aponte was born in Puerto Rico and before her appointment by President Obama in 2010 she was a Washington based attorney. As Ambassador, she successfully negotiated a Par Partnership for Growth between the United States and El Salvador which is critical to our economic and national security interests in the region.

In order to have proceeded with the confirmation, Ambassador Aponte needed 11 additional votes from the Senate.