Margaret Reyes and Census 2010

The Social Justice Chairperson of the Governor's Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs answers some questions about Census


(HOY EN DELAWARE)-Please could you explain to our readers what they should know about Census 2010?

(MARGARET REYES)-The Census was set up near the foundation of the United States to count the population. This Census is done every 10 years. It counts every person residing in the United States regardless of immigration status or nationality. It is confidential and secure and only takes 10 minutes of your time. It is a Constitutional requirement.

(HD)Why did you decide to collaborate with Census 2010?

(M.R.)-The results of the Census charts the future of the United States – both politically and financially. In order for us as a nation to move forward, we need to see where we are going as a nation .The Census allows us to do so. Population trends and demographics are vitally important information for the Congress and Senate to make decisions on the future of the nation as a whole. Where are more roads needed – where are more schools needed -where do we need to spend more money in the forms of infrastructure and assistance. The Census helps to answer these questions.

(HD)Why do you think Census 2010 is important for the Hispanic Community?

(M.R.)-It is Extremely important the Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority in the United States, both by birth and immigration. The more a part of the community and nation as a whole, the stronger the voice of the Hispanic community. The census is the sole basis for the distribution of Federal money and the sole basis for the distribution of political power. Participation in the Census is a civic duty but also, it is our future and the future of our children, community and nation. Based on those numbers, we wil either receive or be denied Federal monies for healthcare, education, roads and other services we ALL rely on. This is not just about the future of and benefits to the Hispanic community, but for the good of all communities and the communities in which we live. “We as a nation have always been, and will always remain greater then the sum of our parts.

But we, as a people must know the amount and sum of those parts, who and where we are.

In this way we move forward together, as a united nation of many.

In this way, the founders wisely decided the decennial enumeration be done.”

(HD)-Please give a recommendation to the members of the Hispanic Community about what to do with the Census forms?

(M.R.)-FILL IT OUT!! -all information is confidential and kept confidential for 70 years. Census workers cannot violate this confidentiality, it is against the law to do so. Forms are mailed out to every address, if you fill out the form and send it back, no one will come knocking on your door. If you are unsure of what to do with the form, please go to your local community center, or contact a trusted media outlet or pastor for assistance. There are many places to get help. If you receive the form in English, forms in Spanish are available. If you cannot read or write there is also assistance , free of charge to help you fill out the form.

(HD)Do you want to add anything else about Census 2010?

(M.R.)-This is one of the FEW instances where EVERYONE living in the United States can be heard and be counted. Although many are not eligible to vote, all can be counted and make a difference for the good. This will be our future for the net 10 years. PLEASE PARTICIPATE! your count is necessary. BE COUNTED-BE HEARD!!