Mario Lopez Loves His Mama

The "Extra" host talks to momlogic about his favorite woman in the world ... his mom!


(Los Angeles – May 8, 2009) – Momlogic: In this recession, what are some affordable Mother’s Day presents you would recommend?

Mario: My mom loves pictures … so collages with pictures of the two of us are great.

Momlogic: What’s the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

Mario: My mom always told me, “Don’t take shortcuts … God is always watching.” She also told me, “Be sure to work hard and focus!”

Momlogic: How do you find the time to talk to your mom every day, regardless of how busy you get?

Mario: I don’t always have the time to talk to her every day, but I make it a point to make the time.

Momlogic: What is your Mother’s Day tradition?

Mario: We usually go out to eat, to the movies, play some card games, and then relax and drink some wine.

Momlogic: What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve given?

Mario: The best gifts my mom has received are a brand-new car and a trip to Mexico.

To hear more from Mario Lopez, tune in to “Extra.”

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