MaRT’s Hallow’een Film Event Saturday 10/24/2015

The Popcorn Cowboys, members of the MaRT Program Committee, were in costume on Saturday night for the Hallowe'en Special Film, "The Tingler," a 50's black & white thriller starring Vincent Price.

The main event of the night was Dr Moribund and his amazing band of  Second Street Players who

opened the Movie, The Tingler and stopped the film periodically for some very funny routines.   A favorite was the quiz show, "You Bet Your Death."  Prizes for costumes were awarded based on audience participation -- the old "clapping meter" determined who won.  Scariest, prettiest were a few of the categories.  Prizes were donated by Dairy Queen, Duck In Car Wash, Arena's, Dolce' and Milford Pizza.  What a wonderful turnout - thank you Milford for supporting, Movies at the Riverfront Theater.


MaRT committee members
Batman, Halloweenie, Cirque du Soleil &  Phantom of the Opera


Challenger Space Shuttle


Raggedy Ann

Founding MaRT Director Pumpkin Bob & Pumpkin Rosemary

Costumes at this event include

Friar and Wench



Molly, Youngest Winner

Dr Moribund and his band of Second Street Players closed up the theater after a wonderful evening.


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