Master Backyarding:  Taking Outdoor Living to the Next Level

Kris and his pup MoMo. Photo credit: TurfMutt Foundation
Kris and his pup MoMo. Photo credit: TurfMutt Foundation

You’ve heard of a master gardener? How about master backyarding?

Backyarding, the art of living, working and enjoying our yards, parks and community green spaces, became a way of life in the last few years. Now that life is turning to somewhat “normal,” the TurfMutt Foundation, which advocates for the care for and use of managed landscapes, has found people are finding ways to continue the backyarding trend by taking it to a new level.

Enter Master Backyarding.

“Backyarding has become part of our daily lives,” says Kris Kiser, President & CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation. “But master backyarders have taken this idea to a new level. Their backyarding skills are elevated and inspirational.”

Kris and his pup MoMo. Photo credit: TurfMutt Foundation
Kris and his pup MoMo. Photo credit: TurfMutt Foundation

According to the TurfMutt Foundation, the three key characteristics of master backyarders include:

Planting & Planning with Purpose. Master backyarders know that putting the right plant in the right place is good for the environment, not to mention making maintenance less of a hassle. They recognize the value of their outdoor space to the overall eco-corridors and plant with pollinators and other wildlife in mind. Most of all, they know that if they work in the yard it will work for them, their family and the environment in a host of ways so they plan and plant with that purpose in mind.

Taking All Aspects of Life Outside. For master backyarders, the yard is not just beautiful, it is an integral part of how they experience their everyday lives. They use their yards…for everything. From throwing a dinner party on the patio to exercising on a carpet of lawn and even staging a staycation for their family, it’s hard to tell where the indoor living shifts to the outdoors for master backyarders. They are always learning and looking for the next opportunity to make their yard even more useful.

Inspiring Others About Backyarding. If you have a master backyarder in your life, you have no doubt heard them tout the many benefits of backyarding. Not to mention the joy they get out of cultivating their backyard space and using it. Master backyarders are backyarding advocates, and they share their knowledge with others, including their kids – the next generation of backyarders.

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