McGlone urges voter registration


Tom McGlone is running for Mayor of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and he is calling on all potential voters to “get out, get up, and register to vote”.

“The process is a bit cumbersome” said McGlone, “starting with the deadline to register”. (which is the close of business on Friday, June 10th for an August 13th election) McGlone continued, “I want to make sure that all those who are qualified to vote, are properly registered so that their voices may be heard in this election”.

McGlone and his team of supporters have mailed a notice to all Rehoboth Beach residents and property owners who are not currently registered. “Our hope is that the individual will take action, bring the proper paperwork, go to City Hall at the appropriate times, and get registered,” said McGlone.

While appreciating the process of the City’s voter registration requirements, McGlone is concerned. “Over 60% of the qualifying voters have a primary residence outside of Rehoboth Beach; yet, the basic times to present documentation to an official are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30pm. This is very difficult for those living out of town”, said McGlone. “I’m pleased that the election office will be open on Saturday May 7th and June 4th to register voters; however that is just not enough”.

McGlone said that when he is elected Mayor, he will evaluate the registration process so that it is convenient and user friendly to those wanting to register. “It should be an exciting and wonderful process to register to vote”, said McGlone, “not a hassle”.

McGlone wants to make the voter registration process easier, and he is doing what he can to expedite the flow of information. “Beginning on April 22nd, residents and property owners may call Rick Kirchhoff at 202-215-3009. Rick will have a current list of registered voters in Rehoboth and will be available to provide information to those wanting to register. Potential voters are encouraged to call Rick, especially on the weekends when the City offices are closed. Information on voter registration is also available on the city’s website at

McGlone became the first official candidate for the office of Mayor of Rehoboth Beach, at the end of March when he successfully submitted his petition to City officials.

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