Motorist Task Force Bill (SCR 36)

Urge your representative to support the Task Force Bill in Delaware


The Motorist Task Force Bill passed the Senate Floor on Jan 16.  

19 said yes, 1 no, and one was absent.  

That means that the Bill now moves to the House Floor for a vote next Tuesday (Jan 21), but it is more likely that the vote will happen later in the week or sometime the following week.. 

Some information about Motor Task Force Bill:

Sponsors of the Bill Senators Townsend and Marshall and Rep. Keeley and Miro.

  Everyone can definitely encourage his or her representative to support SCR 36.

Purpose of the Bill:

To Study and make recommendations in order to enhance motorists safety and insurance coverage among Delaware Motorists.

Current Law:
It prohibits the DMV from issuing Driver’s License or ID card to a person who doesn’t submit satisfactory proof that his or her residence in the U.S. is authorized under Federal law.

Current Problem:
Some motorists because they are not eligible under the current Delaware law are driving in Delaware without the proper safety courses and without insurance.

Motorists who are currently driving without proper safety courses and insurance are putting other motorists and pedestrians at risk.
Burdening the current Delaware Judicial system due to the number of arrest made for driving on the Delaware roadways without the proper Division authorization.

Benefits of Issuing a Driving Privilege Card:
It will enable the DMV to remain in compliance with the Real ID Act.
It will promote safety and wellness of Delaware Motorists and Pedestrians by ensuring that more Delaware Motorists have the opportunity to complete the motorist’s safety courses and obtain the proper insurance.

It will help alleviate stress on the Delaware Judicial, law enforcement, and emergency responder systems by helping to reduce the number of unlawful motorists on the Delaware roadways and the number of motor-vehicle accidents.

It will help enhance the dynamism of the Delaware Economy and the wellness of its workforce.

Driving Privilege Card will not:
It will not provide citizenship.
It will not be an identification card.

It is only a driving privilege card for Delaware Motorists.