Move On Over Law Amended

DelDOT Responders Included


Dover, October 9 – Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Secretary Carolann Wicks was joined today by Senator Margaret Rose Henry and DelDOT employees as she announced the inclusion of DelDOT responders to those covered by the Move On Over law.

Senator Henry, primary sponsor of Senate Bill 274, was on hand to convey her concern about the risks emergency responders face daily on Delaware’s roadways. SB 274 was signed by Governor Ruth Ann Minner on July 16, 2008, and amends the previous Move On Over law that applied to police, fire, and other emergency vehicle operators. The bill extends the Move On Over law to DelDOT vehicle operators.

Senator Henry stated, “Frequently, DelDOT personnel are requested to provide support to fire and police officials at an incident scene. The Move On Over law is helping to reduce the risk of serious injuries and death to all public servants who are working in harm’s way.”

Secretary Wicks explained, “It is incumbent upon drivers to use caution when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle, which now includes DelDOT personnel. Drivers are to yield the right-of-way by making a lane change, if safe to do so. If it is not safe to change lanes, drivers are to reduce the speed of their vehicle to a safe speed while passing emergency vehicles at the incident scene.”

Attendees listened as DelDOT employees recalled stories of the “near misses” they’ve experienced when at an incident scene. “We are glad that they are here today to share their stories with us,” said Secretary Wicks.

New signage will be installed on roadways entering the State to inform motorists of the law.

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