Music on Delaware’s Life

Guillermo Silveira
Guillermo Silveira

On Saturday November 19th at 1pm, Guillermo Silveira will be sharing his musical compositions about Delaware Life at Lewes Library, presenting a new website that will be available online and social media permanently, starting on December 15, 2022.

The project focuses on all the music he composed related to Delaware Life since his first visit to Rehoboth Beach in 1984.

These compositions mostly inspired from Delaware’s wildlife to its landscapes and seascapes, from Delaware’s visual art to Delawarean writers poetry, from Rehoboth’s Art League presentations to The Biggs Museum presentations and website (including Silveira’s Biggs Opera inspired in the museum collections), or even events like Sea Witch Festivals, Christmas Parades, MLK’s Parades, or Dover Pride, are now ready to be shared worldwide online with videos, recordings, pictures and articles in a new website entitled “Music on Delaware’s Life”.

It’s not only about explaining the sources and motivations that interdisciplinary caused the creation of these special compositions, but it’s also about showing the life of our beautiful state. Many of these works were presented already at Lewes Library and published online during some zoom meetings during COVID pandemic.

Delaware writers, artists, wildlife and sites inspired his music and enhanced his work strongly, Silveira believes sharing this project will amplify the impact of this vast music collection. It’s a one of a kind opportunity that will enhance the strength of Delaware’s life, specially because the project is presented under the umbrella of Delaware Division of the Arts. 

Silveira is inviting artists, writers, sponsors, and organizations that inspired and or commissioned these vast amount of compositions.

Music on Delaware’s Life is a project sponsored by Delaware Division of the Arts.