NAACP Youth Council Hosts Candidates’ Forum


Local political candidates discussed several key topics during a candidates’ forum in the Coolspring Community Center on Saturday, September 20. The event activist, Virginia Harmon. much of the forum’s focus centered upon issues adversely effecting small communities and young people in particular like affordable housing, employment, education, and health. In adddition, Ms. Angela Dunmore, a representative from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the NAACP, was on hand to register voters.

According to a brochure circulated at the event entitled ‘Prepared to Vote’ 2008, “The right to vote is the heart of our democracy.” The literature, sponsored by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Asa Philip Randolph Institute and the UCLA of Delaware, also indicated that “the quality of our schools, our ability to access afforable housing, employment opportunities and quality of healthcare all depend on our vote and who represents our interests.”

Vying for the privilege to serve in political office was an impressive array of candidates. Joseph W. Booth, State Representative for the 37th Congressional District presented his platform to the audience and fielded questions. Joan Deaver and Mark Baker outlined plans of action they would seek to implement if elected to the County Council. George Parrish and Greg Fuller both proclaimed that strong families and an effective Clerk of the Peace were essential to strong communities. And Karen Weldin Stewart, John Brady and Tom Savage, State Insurance Commissioner candidates, pulled no punches during a lively debate about the individual who would best serve the people.

Citizens from Coolsprings, Rehoboth, Milton, Georgetown and Lewes were among those who attended. Questions from these participants included how candidates plan to address the rising costs of home ownership, sewage line hook ups, utility expenses, and health insurance. In addition, candidates were asked to outline their plans to increase opportunites for young people through education, career development, and youth programs. The election will be held on November 4.