Nanticoke Physician among first in U.S. to use tine heart monitor


David Esch, a longtime resident of Bridgeville, Delaware has had several episodes of irregular heart rhythms, but none at a time when a physician was close by. “I have had a few episodes where my heart was racing. My heart was out of rhythm. But without the monitor it was hard for my doctors to know what was happening,” said Mr. Esch.

When a patient has an irregular heartbeat, this can often be the case. To help determine what was happening, Mr. Esch needed around the clock heart monitoring,” said Dr. Angel Alicea. “Physicians and hospitals have been monitoring hearts for years using what’s known as a loop recorder which was about the size of a pack of gum or USB thumb drive. What’s new in Mr. Esch’s case is he is one of the very first patients in the United States to receive the new Medtronic Reveal LINQTM monitor.”
The LINQTM cardiac monitor is a newly designed implantable cardiac monitor only recently approved by the FDA for use in heart patients. Nanticoke Health Services is the first hospital in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia to use this device. In fact, less than 20 patients nationwide have received this monitor. The Medtronic LINQTM monitor is 87 percent smaller than previous monitors used. “It also has a number of other features that make it unique,” said Peter Rosen, Director of Cardiology Services at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital.

The LINQTM monitor is inserted using a minimally invasive procedure, leaving only a one centimeter incision in the skin. It is connected through a wireless transmission to a patient monitor and provides the patient’s physician with access to daily results. This revolutionary micro technology can be used in a patient up to three years and is safe for many patients needing to undergo an MRI. It provides a more comfortable and less invasive long-term monitoring option for patients suffering from palpitations, fainting or near fainting episodes, strokes with unknown origins and atrial fibrillation.

“Having the device put in didn’t hurt,” said Mr. Esch. “It was easy and I didn’t really feel a thing.” “Nanticoke is pleased to be on the leading edge of cardiac monitoring and proud to be able to offer patients a less invasive long-term monitoring option,” said Steven Rose, RN, MN, President/CEO of Nanticoke Health Services.

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