NCC Council members Tackett and Diller assist in funding program that helps senior citizens


Wilmington, DE….On Jun 25 an ordinance was adopted to provide additional funding to a program that assists senior citizens in need of home repairs.

This ordinance transferred a total of $11,400 from the Council Grant Accounts of Councilwoman Lisa Diller ($4600) and Councilman David Tackett ($6800) to the Senior Home Repair Grant Program.

The Senior Home Repair Grant Program is designed to assist eligible homeowners who need small repairs to their homes. The program addresses minor home repairs that focus on health, safety, and security conditions of the home. Funding available for eligible households is between $500 and $2,500. This program is available to income eligible senior residents who live outside the Wilmington and Newark city limits.

Councilman Tackett stated, “Our senior citizens have spent most of their lives working hard and performing activities that have made our community one of the best places to live. I am happy that I found this opportunity to help the senior citizens that have helped so many over the years.”

Councilwoman Diller stated, “There are a number of our senior citizens that sometimes need that little extra break to make their lives more livable. I am happy to help fund a program that will provide that break to these citizens that have given so much to our community in one way or another during the years”.

For more information on the Senior Home Repair Grant Program call (302) 395-5618

Photo cover: NCC Official Page.