New Castle County Council meetings now live-streamed

Council Meeting access and transparency expanded with live-streamed video and on-demand archiving for viewing at the public’s convenience


WILMINGTON, DE- New Castle County Council meetings can now be viewed live or streamed at the public’s convenience.

Live streaming was approved by Council under Ordinance 18-094 to expand public access to County Council meetings by way of audio and video systems. This effort to improve access recognizes that increasing demands on the lives of the public combined with technological advancements have led to the public’s expectation for more convenient and improved access to their elected officialsand their government.

County Council regularly works on matters of high importance that have the potential to substantially impact residents’lives.

While residents may wish to attend meetings, the reality is that they cannot always be present. The new video streaming and archiving allows them to listen and watch the work of their government from the comfort of their home at their convenience.

County Council members expect the increased access and transparency will lead to a better understanding and appreciation by constituents of the many complex issues that New Castle County Council regularly addresses and resolves.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the live-streaming was initiated with Zoom Video Conferencing starting in March, immediately following recommendations for social distancing in the Governor’s Executive Order.

The Video Conferencing can still be viewed on Zoom Webinar, as well as on the expanded live-stream available from a link on the New Castle County Council Webpage.

The webpage will also host video archive, clipped for each item on the Council Meeting agenda, that can be watched on-demand at a convenient time.

The archiving provides the added convenience of selecting an agenda topic of particular interest without having to view the entire meeting video.

Once County Council returns to face to face meetings, streaming and archiving will continue using video captured on cameras installed in Council Chambers and Council Committee meeting rooms.

The public can access the live streaming of meetings from a “Live Video and Video Archive” link on the New Castle County Council Web Page at: