Newark Selected for 2010 Census Site

Managers Needed Now to Help Lead Decennial Effort


NEWARK, Del. — The 2010 Census is opening an office in Newark this fall, bringing jobs to the area. The U.S. Census Bureau kicks off its massive hiring effort by recruiting experienced managers immediately.

The Newark Early Local Census Office (ELCO) will cover all three counties in Delaware. The ELCO is slated to open in October 2008, with managers needed to supervise field and office operations for the 2010 Census.

‘The 2010 Census is an opportunity of a lifetime. These executives gain management skills, logistical skills, and people skills,’ states Philadelphia Regional Director Fernando Armstrong. ‘The Census challenges are unique due to the size and complexity of the operation, as well as the number of deadlines.’

The project managers direct staff and resources, develop relationships with community leaders and local government officials, recruit employees, ensure the quality of gathered data, and monitor hardware, software, and telecommunication technology. Available positions are:

Local Census Office Manager

Assistant Manager for Administration

Assistant Manager for Field Operations

Assistant Manager for Quality Assurance

Assistant Manager for Recruiting

Assistant Manager for Technology

These full-time positions are temporary, lasting until late summer 2010, but offer competitive rates. The U.S. Census Bureau is testing applicants in July and selecting managers in August. Interested applicants should call (877) 348-9277, or visit the Philadelphia Regional Census Center online at:

The Bureau will also hire office personnel from late 2008 through early 2009, and recruit field staff from 2009-2010. Additional Local Census Offices (LCOs) will be established in the region in 2009. The Newark ELCO is one of 150 local census offices opening throughout the country.

The U.S. Constitution requires a population and housing census every 10 years. The effort employs some of the most sophisticated technical and operational knowledge and tools available, as well as a work force of 1.3 million temporary employees to count every man, woman and child. Census results are the basis for congressional representation as well as the distribution of federal, state and local funds totaling more than $300 billion annually. Census Day is April 1, 2010.