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Publicado el 09-12-2009
Reportero: Pastor Nate Graham

Why Church Attendance Has Declined

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Pastor Nate Graham

C. S. Lewis considered George MacDonald to be the greatest theologian of his day. And it was George MacDonald who said, “To give truth to him who loves it not is but to give him more plentiful material for misinterpretation.”

The Christian world frequently finds herself marveling at the world’s apathetic response to divine phenomena like the Bible’s many clear prophesies, the impeccable life of Christ, the archaeological substantiation of Scripture and the signature of God upon majestic creation.

But as blind as the world is to the clear proof of the Scripture's truth, much of the church today is blind to equally lucid indicators that seem to be charting her decline, and in some cases, her demise.

It is predicted that the Church of England will plummet in attendance from 4 million to 350,000 attendees by 2030. That gives 10,000 churches an average of 35 worshipers.

Another author notes, “A series of Eurobarometer surveys since 1970 in five key countries (France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy) shows that regular church attendance fell from about 40% of the population to about half that figure.”

According to the Barna research group, church attendance across denominational lines has suffered a five-year decline bringing church attendance to its lowest level in two decades.

The information is out there and is plastered in blogs, books and sermons. However, the “Why” of the decline is being avoided. Wayne Grudem in his book, “Evangelical Feminism,” charts the digression of sound doctrine in America.

Starting in the 50’s many churches jettisoned the verbal inspiration of the Scripture which naturally undermined the authority of God’s Word. With that foundation gone it did not matter to Bible students that the qualifications of an elder/pastor in I Tim. 3 were all in the male gender.

Cultural relativity became the mantra rather than Scriptural integrity and many women began to hold an office that God never designed for them (I Tim.. 2:12).

With the verbal inspiration of Scripture in shambles, the floodgates of German liberalism and higher criticism unleashed their deluge of sophisticated attacks on the substitutionary atonement of Christ (more endearingly called cosmic child abuse), the exclusivity of the Gospel (you don’t need to believe in Christ, just have a Christ-like heart), the JEDP theory (denying Mosaic authorship; Num. 33:2, Deut. 31:24, ...
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