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Publicado el 10-13-2009

Nature: Our Second Mother

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Bogota, Colombia- For a woman to become a mother is a blessing, but to be a child is a responsibility. For centuries, we have talked about Mother Nature as a protective being, but are we taking care of her?

A constant reflection that ecologist make every day is the destruction of nature, precisely because the processes of industrialization have not properly cared for the resources that have been extracted. We should all do our part to protect the planet.

In Colombia, there is an ancient indigenous community with a special vision of the Earth and the species that live on it. For the Muisca-Chibcha, human beings have a responsibility to communicate and understand plants, animals and all living beings in general, even rocks. That is why talking about biodiversity for them is like breaking up Mother Nature, because there is no integration.

Suagagua Ingativa, the leader of the Muisca-Chibcha community, does not see the question in terms of biodiversity. He declares, “I would not talk about biodiversity, but rather about Mother Nature. Human beings have a responsibility to themselves: to recognize themselves as one of the first species on the planet.”

For this community, all human beings have three mothers.

“The first one is our birth mother; the second is mother earth or oxygen, because before, we were in a womb of water, and now we are in a womb of oxygen; and the third one is the spirit mother, which is death,” Suagagua Ingativa said.

Care is based on preserving oneself and others by using everything in nature, but maintaining a balance. For the Muiscas, the use of the Earth is not a crime, but it is if it is done aggressively: ...
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