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Publicado el 11-06-2009
Reportero: Rev. John McConaughy B Th, Masters of Divinity.

How important is counseling to the Christian church?

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Rev. John McConaughy B Th, Masters of Divinity.

In the last 40 years counseling has developed into a significant course of study for seminaries and colleges in their curriculum and advertisement. It is not that there was no counseling before this, but that it was not isolated from other disciplines of pastoral theology as a course of study.

Many churches have incorporated special pastoral positions for trained clergy and lay persons. They feel that this would enable their staff to more fully meet the needs of their flocks. Many evangelical churches have hired licensed psychiatrists and psychologists as a special part of their church ministry.

Parallel to this trend is the controversial polemic about integration.

Can the Christian counselor utilize secular theories and methods as a significant part of their methodology, knowing that they have their origin in secular philosophy?

Can he or she blend them into a Christian philosophy of counseling?

A philosophy that honors God and is also consistent with the Scripture?

There has also been the emergence of Christian counseling groups that reject all counseling theories based in part or in whole upon secular ideas. The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, the International Association of Biblical Counselors and others have emerged to challenge integrationists by holding to the principle found in II Peter 1:3, that God Has given us all things necessary for life and godliness. PhD’s Eric Johnson and Stanton Jones have a valuable book written in the Mid 90’S entitled

”Psychology @ Christianity (Four Views)” It’s contributors are Gary R. Collins, David G. Myers, David Powlison and Robert C. Roberts. Three of these men take an integrationists position while David Powlison takes the position that Scripture is sufficient by itself. Its format is very practical as each man states and supports his view and then a response is given by the other three. An updated version is due out in the spring 2010 and it adds a fifth position. As you can see the subject of integration has far reaching implications and generates a lot of energy.

Let's step back and look at the bigger picture using a series of questions.

1-Did God create human beings so they would need counseling? Yes, He did. Genesis reveals a righteous and perfect Adam coming from the hand of God but still in need of information (counsel). He needed counsel about what work to ...
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